Privacy and Security

This web site is operated by Westminster Indemnity Ltd. on behalf of the Big Life Group and we are committed to maintaining the security of data of those who use this site.

We do not share your information with any other commercial user. Your information is used only for the purpose of assisting you with the insurance you have enquired about or applied for, or if required by a statutory body where we are required to co-operate by law or insurance regulation.

During the course of application for insurance on our web site users are required to enter a certain level of personal information. With regard to the data collected during this process we consider that to be: PRIVATE DATA.

It is essential that we use cookies to ‘remember’ certain details as a user navigates the site. These are used only to ensure the site functions properly and for no other purpose. Any cookies stored on a user's computer have no use other than to assist in the correct functioning of the site. The cookies we use do not send us information about you. You do not use third party cookies.

Spy Ware 
We do not endorse or use spy ware.

Session Information 
We keep and review session history information. We use session information to keep a record of pages viewed and quotes generated. After monthly analysis (to see popular pages, site exits etc.) we may delete session history information. Once a session has ended there is no way of identifying a user to a particular session unless you have provided identifying information, such as your e-mail address. We do keep a log of visitors IP and Host addresses for 6 years or more. Sessions automatically expire after 1 hour of no use. We keep the log for those who apply for insurance for 6 years. We take anti-fraud, data safeguards, and hacking issues very seriously.

Credit Card Payments 
We use a third party payment provider to collect credit card details. These vary from country to country. In every case our appointed payment gateway use a secure Internet system completely separate from ours so that you may be safe in the knowledge this site does not view nor store your credit card information. All processes where your sensitive credit card data is processed is run within a secure environment which adheres to the strictest security protocols.